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Oklahoma DUI Laws & Oklahoma DUI Attorneys

You can be charged with driving under the influence (Oklahoma DUI) in the state of Oklahoma in one of two ways. If you are observed to be driving in an unsafe manner as a result of drugs or alcohol in your system, you can be charged with DUI. Also, Oklahoma has a per se law. This law says that if you are driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% or higher, you are guilty of DUI. This means that you could be driving perfectly, but still be arrested for DUI based simply on your BAC test. You better get familiar with details about drunk driving Ohio laws and regulations.

DUI Arrests in Oklahoma

Your DUI arrest will open two cases in the state of Oklahoma, base on DUI Ohio laws. The first is the criminal court case. Here you will be handed the majority of your consequences. The second case is the Department of Public Safety case, where your right to drive will be taken away. You must request a hearing with the Department of Public Safety within 15 days of your arrest or your license will be automatically suspended. It is important to have a lawyer working with you as you file this paperwork. Making a mistake could risk your license and right to drive.

You will also be asked to submit to a BAC test after your arrest. You can refuse, but doing so will increase the consequences you will face. Also, because the state has an implied consent law, your BAC test refusal can be mentioned in court.

Basic Consequences for First Time Offenders

If you are convicted of your first Oklahoma DUI offense, you can expect to face the following consequences in your criminal court case:

The consequences will be chosen based on the facts of your case, including how much alcohol was in your system, who was in the car with you, and if anyone was injured or killed. If you are convicted of subsequent DUI convictions, you will face even stricter court-imposed punishments.

License Suspensions for Oklahoma DUI

Your license will also be suspended as a result of your Oklahoma DUI offense. Expect to face the following license suspension times:

If you have other circumstances in your case, you will face stricter consequences. For instance, if you refuse to take your BAC test, you will face at least 180 days of license suspension regardless of the outcome of your case. Hardship licenses that allow drivers to go to work and school are sometimes available. The best way to ensure that you can get a hardship license is to work with a qualified DUI attorney.

Insurance Consequences

After you serve your license suspension, you will need to request to have your license returned. This requires proof of insurance. If you are not insured, you will not be given your license back. Your current insurance provider may choose to drop your coverage. If this happens, you will need to shop around for a new insurance provider. You will quickly find that the cost for insurance after an Oklahoma DUI conviction is quite high.

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