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Alaska DUI Laws & Alaska DUI Attorneys

In the state of Alaska, you can be arrested and convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI - Alaska DUI) based on the results of your blood alcohol content (BAC) test. Under the state's per se laws, it is illegal to drive in the state with a BAC of .08% or higher. Doing so will cause you to be convicted of DWI and or DUIs in Alaska.

Alaska also allows drivers to be convicted of DWI based on their driving pattern, field sobriety tests, and other circumstantial evidence such as appearance. If this evidence is enough to prove that you were driving drunk, you will be convicted of DWI. In this situation your BAC does not matter.

DWI Arrests in Alaska

When you are arrested for DWI, you will be asked to submit to a BAC test. You can refuse to take this test. However, many DWI attorneys will not recommend this course of action, because if you are later found innocent of DWI, you will still be given a criminal charge for refusing to take the test. DUIs in Alaska are considered as felony, accompanied by the license suspension for at least 90 days if it was the first time offense.

Your DWI arrest will potentially spark two separate cases. The first is the criminal court case. This is the case that will determine how much you will pay for your crime, including potential jail time. You will also face an administrative hearing of you refused to take the BAC test or it showed you were intoxicated. This hearing will decide whether or not you can continue to drive in the state. You have the right to plead your case at this hearing, but you must request the hearing within seven days of your arrest or you will automatically lose your license. The hearing gives you a chance to set forth evidence that might lessen your license suspension time. For this reason, you need to work with a DWI lawyer to make sure you get the chance to have your hearing.

Basic Consequences for First Time Offenders

If the DWI conviction you are facing is your first, you can expect to face the following punishments:

Subsequent offenses will bring stiffer consequences.

License Suspensions for Alaska DWI

You will also face losing your license as a result of your Alaska DWI conviction. Most drivers will face the following suspension times:

Your vehicle could be confiscated after a second offense. Also, you may be asked to use a conditional license for a period of time after your license suspension. This will require an ignition interlock device. The cost to have your license reinstated is $200. You may be able to apply for a limited license while you serve your suspension. This will allow you to drive to your place of employment or your alcohol education classes.

Insurance Consequences

You will also face consequences with your insurance provider after being convicted of an Alaska DWI offense. Because you are now a driver that carries a higher risk, your provider will either drop your coverage or charge you more for it. You will have to have proof of insurance before applying for any restricted licenses or applying to have your license reinstated. Shopping for new insurance after an Alaska DWI conviction is a challenge, though, because many providers charge a high premium for those with drunk driving records.

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