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What is SR-22, and why do I need one if I got a DUI?

When you are convicted of DUI or DWI due to drunk driving, you are asked to carry SR-22 insurance. Or if you have too many traffic violation tickets in a short amount of times, you would need to have this as well. It is basically a proof of adequate auto insurance coverage for all the drivers who have violated driving regulation such as driving under the influence. From the insurance company's viewpoint, they are the ones with high risk mark therefore the premium rate would be higher than normal. Its main purpose is to maintain driver's liability coverage for a certain period of time, and DMV will be notified immediately if the policy gets canceled or lapsed for any reasons. If you would like to get your license back with ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle, you should provide the proof of SR-22 prior to applying for such a restricted license at DMV.

The duration of mandatory carrying SR-22 will depend on the state and the case you are involved, but usually it will last minimum 2 years. You will need to be careful when you change the insurance company because they will report to DMV for such an activity and your license will be suspended accordingly.

Except for Delaware, New Mexico, Kentucky, Minnesota and Pennsylvania, all other states require high risk drivers to carry SR-22, even though there is no universal policy. Each state has its own guidelines and regulatory statements.

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SR22 Car Insurance

SR22 Car Insurance

Call Your Auto Insurance Company

If you have your DUI or DWI conviction, then call your current insurance company and find out the next step. They might re-evaluate your current policy based on the past driving history and provide you a new quote related to your recent violation.

Not every insurance provider carries SR-22 policy, so drivers with DUI conviction would have to do their own research and find the best deal that will suit their own cases, financial terms. Most insurance provider will give you the quotes online and there are few documents that you will need to sign to initiate SR-22, with small amount of filing fee.

SR22 Car Insurance

Hiring DUI Lawyer

It is generally a good idea to hire DUI lawyer in case the issue gets complex and you can't proceed further with every single details of phases including SR-22 and other court case.

They are the one with many years of experiences, and the accumulated knowledge of laws and real life cases will be a great help towards resolving your case easily and much quicker than dealing with it yourself. Eventually it could save you the time and money, expediting the return of your driving rights much quicker.

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SR22 Car Insurance

SR22 Car Insurance

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