Hardship License

Drunk Driving & DWI conviction

Hardship License Can Help You Stay Mobile After A First and Possible Subsequent DUI Arrest

If you’re arrested for DUI, it can have an instantaneous effect on your quality of life.  Even when there’s been no property damage or bodily harm, just being arrested for DUI/DWI can result in the possibility of not being able to drive for quite some time.

All states have a Department of Motor Vehicles and, in most states, the DMV will suspend/revoke your license for a DUI. Many folks are dependent on their vehicles to get them from one place to another…especially to work. And, if you have no license, it can be extremely hard to get to work or anywhere else for that matter.

Believe it or not, your driver’s license can be suspended/revoked before you have even been convicted of a DUI. This typically happens if you refuse to cooperate with the police and do the field sobriety tests or when you fail the test.  Not having a license can serious hinder your chances of keeping your job, getting food on the table, visiting the doctor, etc.  Of course, that’s where the hardship license comes in.

Revoked License and Work Permits

Having your license revoked is much more serious can getting it suspended; but, you could still get a work permit. A work permit means you can drive to and from work… and that’s it!

Hardship License: What Is It and How Do You Get One

If the DMV only suspended your license, it probably means that this arrest is your first DUI offense. If that’s the case, you could apply for a hardship license. Of course, to get a hardship license, you must meet certain conditions, which vary from one state to the next. However, it’ll allow you to go to places beyond work such as grocery store, kids’ schools, doctor’s appointments, etc. The majority of states allow persons with a DUI arrest and a revoked/suspended license to obtain a hardship license. However, some states don’t allow for hardship licenses.

How Courts Handle First Time and Multiple DUIs

Most courts are lenient toward first time DUI arrests so long as no property damage or bodily harm was done. It’s certainly easier to get a hardship license with a first drunk driving offense. If you’re arrested more than one time, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to attain this license… no matter what the circumstances are. Why?

What courts will see is a repeat offender and may revoke your license for 10 years, at least. If you get a fourth DUI, your license could be permanently revoked and you won’t be able to get a hardship license… ever.  Bear in mind that after a certain period of time with no more DUI arrests, your record is considered clean.

Get Yourself A DUI Attorney

It’s best to hire yourself a DUI attorney after you have been arrested for a DUI and help you to attain the hardship license. Since your driver’s license can be suspended up to three years, it’s important you apply for a hardship license, just as soon as you can!


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