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What You Need To Know About How To Find An Experienced DUI Lawyer

You decide to celebrate your recent college graduation or promotion by going out with a group of friends. As you make your way home, you get pulled over. The officer says he pulled you over because the vehicle you are driving was swerving. And, now he/she smells a strong odor of alcohol coming from your breath.

The officer asks you the all-important question: Have you been drinking tonight?
Your reply: Yes, officer I have been drinking.

At that point, you’ll be asked to stop out of the vehicle (if you haven’t already) to do a series of sobriety tests. If you fail these tests and the breathalyzer test, you’ll be arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

All day Sunday, you think about what took place and all you are is confused. Monday morning is the first day you can do anything about it. So what should you be doing at this point?

What You Must Do After You’ve Been Arrested and Charged With A DUI

The primary thing to do after a DUI is to locate an experienced, knowledgeable DUI attorney to assist you in dealing with the upcoming court proceedings and the enigma of the DUI process. And, believe it or not, you can’t just flip open your local phone book or look on the Internet to find a DUI attorney. Trying to find an attorney this way will be a costly mistake.

1 - Create Your List Of Possible Attorneys

What you’ll need to do is generate a list of potential DUI lawyers you think would be good to hire. You can find these potential prospects by looking in your local newspaper, phone book or the Internet.

2 – Ask Them Questions, Feel Them Out

It’s important to keep in mind that every lawyer is going to be different. Thus, you’ll need to ask them the right questions to find, hire and retain yourself the best knowledgeable and experienced DUI attorney you can find. That means you’ll be interviewing your prospects. Yes, interview!

Never feel intimidated by your attorney. They’re really just like everyone else. The only difference between you and him/her is that they happen to know the law when it comes to DUI cases where you don’t.

Six Guidelines You Should Use When You’re Interviewing A DUI Attorney

1 – Does the lawyer focus mainly on DUI defense cases or do they handle other kinds of criminal cases?
2 – What is included in their fee?
3 – Is the attorney certified by the American Bar Association?
4 – Is he/she a member and certified by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers?
5 – Are they making guarantees of getting you acquitted? If so, then find another attorney, as no respectable DUI attorney will say this because there are no guarantees.
6 –Be sure to get a written contract of all expenses.

When you interview the attorney, listen to your inner voice about him/her. Are you comfortable in their abilities to defend you? Do they listen to what you have to say? Do they try to soothe your anxiety about the proceedings? If you get the impression that they don’t really care, move on until you get the perfect attorney.

Important Tip: Hiring yourself an experienced, knowledgeable DUI lawyer is the most important part of the DUI process.


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