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DUI On Your Record - Can I expunge it?

If you are convicted of DUI due to drunk driving, it is a negative point on your life and it might affect your future application for employment where certain restrictions are assumed. Not only personal experience, but the official record on your profile will stay on whether you like it or not. Besides the employment, you might get disadvantage when you go for loan applications or insurance premium rates. Contrary to many people's belief, DUI on your record will not drop off automatically after five to ten years, unless you file the petition for expungement.

DUI Expungement means erasing all the records of your DUI arrest and conviction that you had in the past, possibly including any photographs, warrants, arrests, fingerprints, and judicial dockets. It can provide the most comprehensive relief and clean record available by law after you followed all the probation process which was ordered by the court.

You might be eligible for expungement if your case is first time DUI offense and there are no other pending criminal charges upon your record such as DUI accident where you damaged other people and their personal properties. Once you have completed your probation process and ordered sentence details, you become eligible for expungement. However if you are in the middle of probation process, your DUI attorney could file a motion to have the probation terminated.

Do you currently have a DUI on your record and want it to be expunged? Then you better consider hiring DUI lawyer as he/she will know exactly what documents are required and how the petition process would work at the court. Once the court grants the petition, the lawyer will deal with agencies to get the expungement order started. Based on this order, agencies would be able to clear and destroy the arrest records on your profile. Usually the entire process would take 3-4 months.

Once your records get cleared, you can say "no" to any questions regarding your previous conviction of driving related violations.

Check out Ohio DUI laws and its own regulations

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