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Drunk Driving & DWI conviction

DUI Insurance: What To Expect After You’ve Been Convicted Of A DUI

You might be surprised that it can be difficult to maintain car insurance after you have been convicted of drunk driving. A DUI can often cause your insurance company to raise rates. This is a bit understandable considering that drunk drivers cause a significant amount of damage and bodily harm.  The majority of states demand automobile insurance be carried so, if you don’t have DUI insurance, you could be without a vehicle, once you get your license back.

DUI Insurance
What Happens Once You’re Convicted Of A DUI

So, what happens once you’ve been convicted of a DUI or have your licensed revoked? After all, you can’t hide your DUI from the insurance company. After all, most states have a directive that you need an SR-22 car insurance, which you get from the company. This is something you need to prove to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) that you do have liability insurance. Once you get this, your insurance company will do one of two things:

- Cancel your policy
- Jack up your rates

Of course, the only way you can drive after you’ve been convicted of a DUI is to have DUI insurance.

It’s important to have a lawyer that’ll work for you to ensure you’re charged for as little as possible. After all, what you’re found guilty of is what will relate in the amount your insurance carrier charges you to be insured…now and in the future. It’s imperative that your lawyer has the charges either dismissed or lessened to have a positive effect on your automobile insurance policy.

Bear in mind that your DUI conviction will stay on your driving record for several years; the precise number will depend on the state you reside in. And, however long the state demands your conviction to stay public is however long your insurance policy and premium is going to be affected. If you have no additional incidents after a certain amount of time, the conviction will be wiped off the records and you’ll be able to get DUI insurance at a reasonable price.

How Do Insurance Companies Work

Insurance companies work on the basis of risk assessment. If they believe you are high risk, your premium rates are going to be higher. It’s possible they may decide not to give you a policy. After you’ve been arrested for DUI, your insurance company will either cancel the policy or hike up your premiums. Of course, there are some companies who have DUI insurance for people who have had a DUI conviction.

If you have a DUI conviction and your policy has been cancelled or premiums rose, it’s time to start looking. Of course, if you can’t find any reasonably priced policy, be sure to speak with your state’s insurance bureau, as they should have a program known as “Automobile Insurance Assigned Risk Plan”. This place will assist you in getting a policy. Of course, the rates are still going to be high. 

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