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Don’t Be Caught By Surprise: What Happens To Your DUI Car Insurance After A DUI Conviction

When you’re arrested or convicted of a DUI, it can be extremely difficult or practically impossible to maintain your vehicle insurance. Your premium rates will often rise, sometimes very precipitously. This is quite understandable as drunk drivers often cause a significant amount of damage and injuries because they chose to drink and drive. The majority of states demand that their residents carry some form of DUI car insurance. Thus, using your vehicle at any time without valid one is a serious issue.

Inability To Hide Your DUI Conviction – What Your Insurance Company Will Do

Once you’re convicted of drinking and driving and your license has been suspended, it’s next to impossible to keep this information from your vehicle insurance company, and you will have to carry DUI license for a certain period of time. The majority of states require an SR-22 form be obtained from your insurer to verify to the department of motor vehicles that you have liability insurance.

Once this is done, you’re likely to get hit with a rate hike or have your policy cancelled. You being allowed to drive once you’ve been convicted of a DUI will depend on whether or not you have some type of liability and damage coverage.

There are many aspects your lawyer will be working on for your DUI case. One of the things your lawyer will do is try to minimize the charges brought against you. Whatever you’re found guilty of will have a direct impact on how much you’ll pay for your premium today and in the future. If you can get the charges either dismissed or reduced, your insurer will look more favorably on this.

Remember that a drunk driving conviction will stay on your driving record for many years. The actual number will depend on the state you reside in. So long as the conviction is on record, your insurance will be impacted. If you have no more incidents after so long, the conviction will be erased from the records and you’ll be able to obtain insurance for much less money.

DUI car insurance companies work on a foundation of risk assessment. The higher they see your risk, they make higher the premiums are going to be… if they decide to grant you a policy. Once you’re arrested for drunk driving, you may have the insurance cancelled or see a sharp rise in your premiums. There are some companies who offer vehicle insurance to people who have been convicted of a DUI; some of them are at very reasonable rates.

If your policy was cancelled and you can’t get insurance any other place, every single state is equipped with a program that can assist you in getting insurance. Be sure to talk with your state’s insurance bureau so that you can get the DUI car insurance for your vehicle under a program known as Automobile Insurance Assigned Risk Plan. With it, you’ll have a policy although the rates may be still very high.


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