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Arrested for DUI, now What Happens?

Believe it or not, there are about one and half million numbers of people who got arrested for DUI every year, whether it was intended or not. Most people show a complete nervousness and fear as the first reaction, after getting out of jail. If it was the first violation, probably you are not going to server jail time in most states. But the bad news is that you are likely to be in such a frustration and hassle, wasting your time and spending money in order to defend yourself by hiring dui lawyers and minimize dui penalties due to your dui violation.

DUI Laws and Penalties - All 50 States

In all U.S. states except for Massachusetts it is defined as a crime to drive under the influence, especially with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level at or above a 0.08 percent which is prohibited level. In case of DUI or DWI conviction, the drivers are subject to get their license revoked or suspended by the law. Some drivers may refuse to take a breathalyzer or other forms of chemical test to verify their blood alcohol and drug levels, but they might get the driver's license revoked immediately due to non-cooperative actions to the officer.

DUI / DWI Laws include:

- Illegal Per Se Laws and Dram Shop Laws
- Minimum Legal Drinking Age (MLDA) Laws
- Zero Tolerance Laws and Open Container Laws
- Administrative License Revocation (ALR) Laws
- Repeat Intoxicated Driver Laws
- Vehicle and License Plate Sanctions

California DUI Laws
Dui Laws In Georgia

DUI arrests

DUI arrest punishment

DUI / DWI Conviction and Driving Rights

In 43 states, some offenders are allowed to driver after the DUI/DWI conviction, if they have ignition interlock device installed in their vehicles. But there are a few other processes that they have to go through, including servicing court sermon, attending Level II alcohol classes and therapy, contributing community service, etc.

Ignition interlock device is required for a certain period of time, and it will analyze a driver's blood alcohol content every time the engine is about to start, and it won't allow the ignition of the car if the BAC level is over the limit. In 29 states, offenders should forfeit their vehicles that are driven while impaired by alcohol.

DUI arrests

Hiring an DUI Lawyer

A DUI charge is a serious law violating situation and it will cost you a lot from beginning to end of the entire clearing process. Most people tend to believe that hiring a DUI lawyer is expensive and therefore unnecessary, also they can defend themselves with minimal cost.

Contrary to what they assume, it always turns out to be costing more than what they think and there are a lot of steps that they have to go through, such as conforming to court orders, paying penalties and fees, scheduling DMV hearing, which overall cost the offenders an average of $10,000.

Therefore, consulting a DUI lawyer about your specific situation is highly recommended and it will eventually save you money on many different areas that you are not very familiar with.

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DUI arrest punishment

DUI arrest punishment

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