DUI Accident Penalties

Drunk Driving & DWI conviction

How DUI Accident Penalties Are Assessed and How Stiff Can The Punishments Be

Anybody who chooses to drink and then get behind the wheel need to understand that the chances of having an accident increases due to the alcohol flowing through their bloodstream. Whenever alcohol or some kind of mood-altering drug is used, their ability to safely drive any kind of motorized vehicle significantly decreases. Thus, DUI accidents are seen as very serious; significantly more serious than if a sober person got into an accident.

How The States Have Responded To Society’s Outcry

The more people find out the number of DUI accidents there have been, the greater the public outcry regarding the damage they cause. The majority of states have severe DUI accident penalties. Every state recognizes the legal limit of .08 percent for the blood alcohol content level. .08 or higher means you are legally drunk. And, any accident that you are involved in while being legally drunk is thought to be a DUI accident, which means you can be assessed DUI accident penalties in a court of law.

DUI Accident Penalties

DUI Accident Penalties: How Are The DUI Punishments Assessed

If you’re pulled over by the police and found to be intoxicated, you’re typically charged with a misdemeanor. Penalties of a misdemeanor tend to be light as long as there was no accident and nobody got hurt or property got damaged.  However, if a drunk driver causes an accident that leads to property damage or injuries, the charge is upgraded to a felony. This is a very serious charge. DUI accident penalties are assessed on the level of seriousness of the injuries.

Some DUI accident penalties you will be assessed with are:

- Long jail sentence
- Stiff fines
- Probation if accident caused serious property damage or injuries

Drunk drivers will lose their privilege to drive, getting their license either revoked or suspended. The biggest concern is to keep them off the road. Now, there’s the possibility of having it reinstated before the trial begins but it’s not a guarantee and you will typically lose your privilege to drive right away.

You’ll also be responsible for the court costs and be maintained to attend a substance abuse/alcohol treatment program.

Of course, not all traffic deaths are the responsibility of drunk drivers but at least 32 percent of all car accidents deaths are cause by a DUI driver. It’s not unheard of that the drunk driver dies as of a result of his/her own drunk driving and failure to wear a seatbelt.  Most times, however, it’s innocent folk who are killed.

In the majority of the states, someone who has caused a DUI accident that ends in a fatality could possibly face a vehicular manslaughter charge. If convicted, the DUI accident penalties can include a lengthy prison sentence. Sentences can be reduced one of two ways:

- Judge allows it
- Time off for good prison behavior

Still, the majority of states have a mandatory sentence, which means the minimum amount must be served before the offender is allowed time off for time served.

How Can You Avoid The Stiff DUI Accident Penalties

The only guaranteed way to avoid the stiff DUI accident penalties that come from drinking and driving is to not do it. If you plan on drinking, make sure you have a plan to get home including calling a cab or having a sober friend.

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