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How To Use The Drunk Driving Statistics To Implement Programs To Bring Down The Number Of Fatal Alcohol Related Accidents

Look at Drunk Driving statistics and they tell the story. 32 percent of U.S. traffic fatalities are caused by a driver who had been drinking and got behind the wheel. Statistics are nothing but numbers but remember those numbers represent people. Some of the folks who end up dying in alcohol-related accidents were the people who had been drinking themselves. However, most people are the ones who were in the wrong place at the very wrong time.

Thanks to both outrage and public awareness, more laws are being passed to severely punish those folks who cause alcohol-related accidents. Though there was a steep decline in the number of fatalities caused by a driver drinking… the number is on the rise once again. It’s been thought that the program’s success gave people the impression that nothing else needed to be done.

Even when there have been no fatalities in an alcohol-related accident, serious bodily injury and property damage can occur in these cases. Nearly everybody has got someone in their life who’s been affected by a drunk driver. Those who keep drinking and driving are the ones most likely to become a part of the Drunk Driving statistics.

How To Reduce The Drunk Driving Statistics

Checkpoints - There is one significant way to reduce the number of people injured or killed by drunk drivers, and that’s to set up checkpoint sobriety field stations. With programs like this in place, the number of people drunk and behind the wheel is reduced by 20 percent, which also reduces the number of accidents that are alcohol-related. No doubt progress would be made if these kinds of programs were put actively in place.

Revocation Of License - It’s been found that programs that revoke an offender’s license also have a positive effect on the Drunk Driving statistics. When a license is revoked, there’s approximately a six percent reduction of nighttime fatal vehicle wrecks. When drunk drivers were not on the road especially in the overnight hours, it had a significant effect.

Bars/Taverns Can’t Serve Obvious Drunk People - The biggest reason alcohol-related accidents occurs is because drivers come from bars, taverns or parties and must get home, typically in their drunken state. It’s generally the erratic driving drunk drivers do that cause the biggest problem. To get the statistics to an acceptable level, most states have laws that make it illegal for the bar or tavern to serve more alcohol to obvious drunk patrons.

If a drunk driver causes an accident and the bars are proven to have served an obvious drunk consumer, they can also be brought on charges. Drunk Driving statistics show that when intoxicated folks are not allowed to purchase more alcohol, there is an 11 percent drop in alcohol-related crashes involving a fatality.

According to Drunk Driving statistics, repeat DUI offenders contribute to approximately 12 percent of all fatal vehicle crashes. However, programs have been established to bring the number of people endangering themselves and other people on the road have brought this number down. Four common measures that have been taken to keep the numbers down include:

- House arrest
- Vehicle impoundment
- Treatment programs
- Supervised probation

These are proved to be most effective and can reduce the number of fatal accident by about five percent.


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