Controlling BAC Levels

Drunk Driving & DWI conviction

Controlling BAC levels

Due to DUI consequences the driver will have to show up at the court and there will be a hearing session. While it is underway, the most distorted belief among jurors involves the legality of drinking and driving. What is the definition and limitation of this driving followed by drinking? Many people don’t know, but contrary to popular belief, it is perfectly legal to drink and drive for anyone behind the wheel; it only becomes unlawful when drinking impairs individual driving abilities. Surprisingly, many drivers think they cannot drive after even one cup of beer while it really doesn’t affect his/her own driving abilities at all. Thus, it is important to understand alcohol absorption rates so that drivers should be able to control themselves and minimize their BAC levels.

Consume Food
There are constantly conflicting voices and opinions as to whether it is most helpful to consume mostly carbohydrates and fats, as opposed to protein and carbohydrates right prior to drinking alcohol. Don’t get confused by which source is truly worthwhile. It is always better for any driver to have balanced meal rather than one sided foods, as stomach with full of foods will definitely reduce the speed and rate of alcohol absorption into one’s bloodstream and it is likely that he/she would get less chance of get drunk after all. Even one bottle of beer with empty stomach will make the intoxication process faster.

Best Time to Eat
Even though there is a great chance of reducing BAC levels while eating foods together with drinking, timing is also crucial portion to consider. If you drink one half hour after eating has much greater impact on slowing alcohol absorption rates, rather than two hour distance. However if the time distance is greater than 4 hours, than previously consumed food has almost zero effect on alcohol absorption. Therefore if you are to drink, you better keep in mind that you will continuously chew and snack little foods while drinking is involved. Try to avoid salty foods as they are evil one that will promote the consumption of fluids nearby, and you are very likely to grab more bottles of alcohol due to thirsty condition.

Smoking Habits
Contrary to many people’s beliefs, nicotine is reported to slow alcohol absorption. Smokers might have apparent advantage over non-smokers in this respect, but there are many people who claim dizziness and feelings of vomiting while they drink and smoke at the same time. It sounds like obvious that smoking itself will make the atmosphere shaking and make people near them feel sick due to its odor.

Zinc level
Studies show that intake of zinc will affect the alcohol metabolism rates. Higher zinc levels in the person’s body will cause slower alcohol metabolism rates. Conversely, if the person has lower level of zinc in his/her body, alcohol will metabolize faster than others who have enough in their system.


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