Chances For A DUI Arrest

Drunk Driving & DWI conviction

Three Ways To Diminish Your Chances Of Being Arrested For DUI

Most people who drink and drive classify themselves as “social drinkers”. That means they might:

- Head to the bar with a few friends from work and have a couple of beers or glasses of wine.
- Have dinner with family or friends and have a couple of drinks with their dinner.
- Go to a party and have a couple of drinks during the night.

These kinds of situations are classified as social drinking since people will drink only in these settings. If you can control your car, then you might get away from DUI conviction, but it will all depend on personal ability to handle their body after the drinking.

Regardless of whether or not you’re a social drinker or a person who drinks alcohol regularly, there are some simple things you can do to reduce your chances of getting caught for drinking and driving.

Three Tips To Lessen Your Chances For A DUI Arrest

1 – Keep Cologne/Perfume Handy

Make sure to always leave cologne/perfume handy in your car’s glove box. Be sure it’s the more expensive ones since the cheap fragrances will wear off faster and they’re not near as potent. What you’re trying to do is hide the scent of alcohol both on you and in your car.

After you have gone drinking, spray the cologne/perfume on yourself from the top of your head to your toes. Make sure to spray the vehicle as well before you get inside and drive. This will help mask the odor of alcohol.

2 – Have Breath Mints In Your Vehicle

It’s always a good idea to keep breath mints in your car. And, since price is always a factor, don’t go for cheap. Rather, you want a product that’s very strong and will truly work. As you know, for DUI control of car will be determined whether you have the the possession of the car key or not, at the time of getting caught.

Not only are mints able to hide the scent of alcohol that’s on your breath but they’ll slur your speech because you’ll be sucking/chewing on them. Keep in mind that people who consume alcohol tend to slur their speech.

Thus, the officer who pulled you over will not be able to tell if your slurred speech is from the alcohol or from your breath mints.

3 – Use Air Freshener Inside The Vehicle

Before getting inside your vehicle, you’ll want to spray it with air freshener. Again, go with the more expensive brand (more expensive than you typically would use). Be sure it’s the spray kind and not a scented hanging device that you’d place on your rearview mirror.
When you use all three in conjunction with each other, you can greatly diminish the possibility of being arrested for driving under the influence. After all, a slight hint of alcohol and the traffic stop can quickly become a DUI arrest.


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