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Breathalyzer Machines: What Are They, How Are They Used and Problems They Can Have

Have you ever been pulled over for suspicion of DUI? If so, then you know a little about breathalyzers. The officer will conduct the test to quickly determine your body’s blood alcohol content (BAC).In the United States, a person who has a BAC percentage level of 0.08 or higher is considered under the influence. So, even if you don’t feel drunk, if you have a BAC of 0.08 percent or higher and are driving, you could be pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence.

Why Breathalyzers Are Used?

Now, breathalyzers are used by police to test the alcohol content in your body. Refusal to do the test allows the officer to place you under arrest and transport you to the station for additional questioning. It may even cause you to lose your license. When it comes to a court of law, breathalyzers can be extremely powerful tool. Thus, it’s important you know more about them.

What Does A Breathalyzer Device Look Like and How Does It Work

A breathalyzer will be made of a tiny plastic tube that’s got a device connected to it. To get the reading, you’ll breathe into the tube, which the device will then measure to determine how much alcohol is actually in your lungs and bloodstream.  If the test reveals less than .08 percent, then you’re probably safe from being arrested for a DUI. However, 0.08 percent or higher, you’ll be placed under arrest for driving under the influence.

Commercial drivers have a lower threshold for their BAC to be arrested for a DUI. Theirs is 0.04 percent or higher.  Drivers 20 years old or younger can be charged with a DUI if they’re found with any level of alcohol on their bloodstream.

This is why police find the breathalyzer machine so important because it can result in getting drunk drivers off the road, making it safe for those obeying the rules of the road and the law. This device can really determine what your fate is for the next several months or years.

Personal Breathalyzer Devices: Should You Make This Purchase

More and more folks are opting to purchase their own breathalyzer machine. This device will enable them to check their BAC before they get behind the wheel. These devices work to stop people from causing any DUI related accidents including injuries and death.

People drinking at a party or at a social event tend to avoid driving their vehicle because they know that if they’re caught, they will have to do the breathalyzer test. They fear that the results will show them over the limit and they’ll be arrested for DUI. This personal device can keep them from getting into serious legal trouble.

Another reason people are hesitant about getting behind the wheel after they have consumed alcohol is that they know the results of the breathalyzer test will be admissible in court and can be used to convict them of the DUI charge.  It can be extremely difficult to disprove the results of this test.

Many people have argued that breathalyzers are ineffective because their life-span isn’t that long. People who have personal breathalyzer have made this same claim saying their results were inaccurate after they used their device for several months. If a device is inaccurate, it could be detrimental to law enforcement. After all, a sober person could be arrested for DUI or a DUI suspect could have a higher BAC level than he/she actually has.

Hire Yourself A Knowledgeable and Experienced DUI Attorney

There have been inaccuracies like this in the past either because the device was too old or it was messed with. People convicted of a DUI because of the inaccurate result can disprove it in court but they must have a competent and experienced DUI attorney to help them out. The biggest challenge of a DUI case is to discredit the results of a breathalyzer test. Plus, many juries, aware of the test’s unreliability, will dismiss the case if it’s been deemed ineffective.

Now, if you decide not to take the test, you’ll be faced with immediate suspension of your driver’s license and you’ll have even more legal troubles. Whatever the case may be, you must speak with a DUI attorney about your DUI case including the breathalyzer machine and its result.

It’s important that you understand the role of breathalyzer machines and their reliability especially when you have to fight the results in court.  Your DUI lawyer can assist you in discrediting them as evidence in open court, which will significantly reduce your penalties that would have been placed upon you. Don’t wait! Get yourself a DUI attorney today!


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