New legislation on the drunk driving in Missouri

According to new state’s traffic law in Missouri , drivers who were convicted of DUI or DWI will have to carry ignition interlock devices inside their vehicle for at least 75 days. During this period, if they break the boundary, then another 75 days will start immediately. Therefore, it will add more stress and financial burden to those who ignore this first warning sign and just don’t follow the court’s order.

Reports revealed that other states where they implemented this same policy observed greatly decreased number of drunken drivers. Those who repeated this same error have reduced by two-thirds when the interlock device was installed and in active status. So the similar effect is expected to be shown in the state of Missouri.

The interlock device is a special tool to measure driver’s level of alcohol before he/she even tries to start the vehicle, and it is almost impossible to temper the device to get around with it. Sometimes the vehicle needs to be towed away into other garage when the device is in locked status and no one can even get to make it work. Additional fees will be charged on the service of reinstating the device and getting it active status. So if you think of all the costs involved in this device, plus other obligations such as DUI classes, alcohol therapy and community service, it would be unworthy to risk your time and effort as well as your revocation of driver’s license after you got convicted of drunk driving on the road.

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