Camera installed ignition interlock device introduced

When DUI conviction happens, drivers with BAC level of .15 or higher are required to install ignition interlock devices inside their vehicle, and constantly use it before they start the car. Typically the first-time DUI offenders are allowed to carry less period of time, such as 6 to 7 months, and the longer the length of time will be if it’s the case of multiple convictions.

Now the problem arises when the offenders are trying to start their car bypassing this initial breath testing task. If they have their friends or family members beside them, they might ask one of the sober people to blow the test device, and pass the test, thus start ignition without getting caught again. If that happens, then impaired drivers can freely drive while they are still under the drunk status and the interlock device becomes useless.

In the state of Washington, law enforcement department brought up an idea of forcing the device to take a picture of person who uses the device every time they blow out. That way, only legally authorized person and the breath sample will be allowed to start the ignition. What a brilliant idea! So no more tampering the device by either other passengers or any kind of accessory tools such as portable air compressor to perform a blow test. All the failed attempts on the device will be recorded by the software on the machine and it will be sent to the manufacturer or service station, and then they will contact state patrol in turn.

No more fooling on the device or cheating behavior is expected by this method introduced, and police officers are excited to see the result. In all, the purpose of this device is to protect innocent people by discouraging any potential impaired drivers to sit behind the wheel while they are drunk.

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