A Smart Ignition Interlock Device to identify false driver

An ignition interlock device seems to make a further step towards evolutionary accident prevention capability – by taking a photo of driver who is supposed to blow by oneself, not any other person in the same car.

In the state of Washington, a female driver surrendered to the police after she saw a ‘wanted’ picture of herself on the Tacoma Pierce County Crime Stoppers website. She apparently cheated the device by asking her boyfriend to blow the device instead, when it was supposed to be her. What was more shocking was that she had a 3-year old baby in the back seat of her vehicle.

As soon as it was notified by the interlock device by taking a photo, the police department was warned and decided to chase her to prevent any further critical accident which might put the baby in dangerous situation. She was stopped by the police and arrested for DUI conviction on Sept 2013, and thereafter she was supposed to carry the interlock device and blow into the machine every time she wanted to drive her vehicle.

As a result of all this faulty plays, she and her boyfriend would get another criminal charge, including violation of existing parole status.

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