6 Long-Lasting Effects A DUI Conviction Can Have On A Person’s Life

The majority of folks know about a DUI conviction’s short-term impacts:

• Jail time
• Driving privileges suspended
• Probation
• Fines
• Drug and alcohol classes

What people, however, do not realize is that a DUI is a very serious offense. And, it can have some serious long-term impacts.

6 Long-Term Effects Of A DUI Conviction

1 – Loss Of Job

Some people who have to drive for work could lose their job after they’re convicted of a DUI. The reason is that the majority of employers don’t want to keep employees who don’t have a clean driving record.

2 – Problems In Securing New Job

The majority of employers are looking at their prospective employees’ criminal records, and if they see a DUI offense, they may take this negative mark very seriously. This could hinder your chance of getting a job.

3 – Issues With Auto Insurance Coverage

When your DUI offense comes to light with your insurance company, there are two steps they can take:

• You’ll be labeled a high risk driver. This means you’ll have to purchase a more expensive car insurance policy than what you’re currently paying for your insurance. On top of that, it can be years before you see the rates for your insurance drop.

• An insurance company may decide that you’re not worth putting on their insurance so they’ll do a non-renewal of your current car insurance policy. When this happens, you’ll have to find other insurance, which can be difficult to do with a non-renewal record for your prior policy.

4 – Issues With Life Insurance

Life insurance companies look at applicants’ risks before they mention what rates a person pays. The majority of them feel that if you’ve had a DUI in the last five years, you don’t deserve to get the best health ratings. On top of that, a mention of DUI on your record could label you as risky, affecting your premium rates.

If your health history is poor and you have a DUI offense, you could have a hard time getting a good rate insurance policy. If the DUI offense is older than five years, it proves you learned from the mistake, which may give you a better life insurance company response.

5 – Problems With Higher Education

With a DUI conviction on record, it could be hard to enter college. After all, they don’t want students that suffer with drinking problems. Some occupations – teachers, drivers, attorneys, doctors and more – that demand state licensing and certifications, which could immediately disqualify you as a possible employee.

6 – Personal Life Issues

People convicted of DUI tend to lose their family members and friends’ trust because of the irresponsible behavior. And, the majority of these offenders will be embarrassed and face uncertainty in regards to these relationships.

On top of that, the majority of folks will look at you as if you’ve got a drinking problem, and when you have a DUI, they’ll change their opinion of you.

What Happens If It’s A Felony DUI

If the state treats the DUI offense as a felony, you could suffer other problems. You could lose your right to personal liberties:

• Right to vote
• Right to buy firearm
• Ability to get passport
• Ineligible for government programs and schemes

Drunk driving has a serious social stigma with it, and it can be hard for people with a DUI conviction to have a normal life after it. The easiest way to avoid these DUI conviction effects is to not drink and drive. If you’ve been arrested for DUI, it’s best to get in touch with an attorney right away to help you through this time.

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