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Impairment Signs Cops Look For On The Road What To Expect During A First and Subsequent DWI Arrests

What Happens During First and Subsequent DWI Arrests

Anybody who decides they want to drink then drive are increasing their chances of being slapped with a “driving while intoxicated” (or DWI) arrest.  The government stipulates that any person with at least a .08 percent blood alcohol content level is drunk. This allows an officer to pull you over if you are suspected of driving while intoxicated. Such behaviors cops will keep a lookout for are:

- Weaving
- Speeding up, slowing down quickly
- Driving onto shoulder
- Driving through stop sign
- Driving wrong way
- Driving with no lights


DWI Arrest: What Can You Expect During A DWI Pull-Over

Now, when a cop pulls you over, there are several tests the officer will administer. If the evidence indicates you are indeed drunk, you’ll be placed under DWI arrest. Refusal to do any of the tests will also result in an immediate DWI arrest because it’s admitting guilt by default. By a DWI arrest with a refusal, your license will automatically be suspended or revoked. How you are charged will depend on the number of times you have been arrested for DWI.

An officer will typically ask a DWI suspect the number of drinks they’ve had. And, no matter what the answer is, if he/she smells alcohol, you’ll be under a DWI arrest. Thus, you’ll be placed in handcuffs, taken to the police station and officially charged with the crime.

What Happens With Your First DWI Arrest

The majority of first DWI arrests are given some leniency. Still, you will be given stiff penalties… in a number of ways:

1 – High court fines.
2 – Loss of license between three and 12 months.
3 – Loss of job if no way to get to work.
4 – Possible cancellation of vehicle insurance. If not, sky high premiums. Also possibility of carrying DUI car insurance for a while.
5 – State could impound your car. 

First time offenders, in a typical DWI arrest case, will often be given probation in lieu of jail time. Probation tends include community service and an alcohol treatment program. Now, you are given fines as stated; but, if you do the programs, you could pay less.

What Happens In A Subsequent DWI Arrest

If this is your second or third time for being under arrest for DWI, you should know that the penalties assessed are going to be even stiffer. Some things you can expect in additional DWI arrests are:

1 – Car impounded by state, possibly sold.
2 – Additional jail/prison time.
3 – Stiffer fines.
4 – Revocation of driver’s license.
5 – Stiffer court costs and lawyer fees.

Now, if your DWI includes an injury or death, you could face felony charges like vehicular manslaughter or homicide. You might also want to learn how to get your DUI expunged so you’ll have to pay for this as well.

How You Can Avoid A DWI Arrest

If you want to drink, be sure to do one of two things:

1 – Call yourself a cab to get home.
2 – Have a trusted friend drive you home; someone who is sober.

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